Healthy air with profi-air®
To protect yourself and others from contracting coronavirus, the focus is currently on special measures:
  • Stay apart.
  • Observe personal hygiene rules.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Ensure regular ventilation.
Regular ventilation is very important, especially during autumn and winter months when we spend more time indoors. Yet, this requires action of the residents; not everyone though has enough time and discipline for this.

Heat recovery ventilation performs constant air exchange in all rooms autonomously. Used room air is automatically replaced with fresh outside air. During this process, the outside air is filtered to make sure that no pollutants, pollen or viruses enter the living quarters.

Read more and find out why viruses and bacteria have no chance due to the heat recovery ventilation by FRÄNKISCHE.
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Hygienically impeccable products
Our in-house manufactured pipe systems for heat recovery ventilation and drinking water / heating installations are produced with the help of cutting-edge technologies and continuous quality checks. Over 83 million meters of pipe are manufactured by the Building Technology Division every year.

In our opinion: Opting for FRÄNKISCHE pipes is a guarantee of superb quality with durable and hygienically safe products.

This is what Building Technology from the Expert stands for.

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Pre-announcement: Holiday shutdown at Building Technology division
We will be closed for the holidays from 24.12.2020 until and including 01.01.2021.

Last deliveries: 18.12.2020
We will return to normal operation on Monday, 04.01.2021.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please observe this regulation in your scheduling and inform the colleagues in charge.
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